Rebrand- Meaningful Moments becomes Amber Terese Events


When something is on your heart and your mind for a very long time, there is probably a reason for that. When you are unsettled about a decision, it’s ok to do just go for it, even if it feels like it’s “too late” or like you might be taking a step backwards…or at least that has been what I’ve been telling myself lately. Because business decisions are scary, but sometimes, your intuition just knows what’s up, and you just have to do it. So I did it.

When I started my company almost 5 years ago, the naming process was the hardest part. I had always thought of my company with one name…Inspired Events…but it was too common, and I wanted the LLC and .com domain registered exactly the same, so I had to think of something new, and through the help of some friends Meaningful Moments was born. It was good enough. Especially because back then I was working a stable 8-5 job and this company was a “just for fun let’s see what happens” situation. I never believed I would ever be good enough to make it anything more than that. But oh man is it so much more than that now. I have worked so hard to become an entrepreneur and to make waves in the wedding industry in my market, creating a place for myself, and providing services to hundreds of clients. My company has been my stable income for the last 3 years after quitting my 8-5 when I had grown my business to more than fully replace my income from that job. But that success also made it difficult to be proud of a business name that I didn’t really love, it’s always felt a little more cheesy or cutesy than my style or personality. What’s more than that…people remember ME. They say to their friends on fb “omg call Amber”, “everyone needs an Amber”, etc…but Meaningful Moments often becomes “Memorable Moments” or is not remembered at all other than “Amber”.

So, with some nudging from a wise mentor, I made the leap to let my company name be something I am proud of and something that reflects my personality a little better, because what I do is so deeply personal, and the relationships I build with my clients are so meaningful. I want everything to feel authentic. Especially with some of the changes I have also made to the company with this rebrand. I have grown and learned and gone through some really amazing things and some really hard and shitty things the last 5 years, and I’m so proud of that. I have not always made the perfect business decisions, but who the heck does?! We are all just trying to do our best out here, and I have learned to give myself enough grace to not let me faults and failures define who I am and overshadow the successes of the last 5 years.

With that…I present to you the new brand, Amber Terese Weddings & Events, a Minneapolis based wedding planning company with an eye for detail, timeless style, and a lively spirit.

In addition to the rebrand, I have moved operations for the wedding planning and coordinating side of the company to Minneapolis, and will continue to serve my Southern MN clients as well as my clients in the metro. This change in itself was terrifying, I never believed I was “good enough” for the metro, but I truly have created a place for myself there and it has been so incredibly rewarding to build relationships with incredible venues and vendors in the Twin Cities. I will not be packing up my home and moving anytime soon, and for the last couple of years I have split my time between the metro and southern MN as it is, so this allows me to easily serve my clients in the Mankato and Southern MN area as well as my Twin Cities clients.

Along with this rebrand comes some changes in our service offerings, and a brand new sister company! Amber Terese Events will focus on planning and coordination services. And my new sister company, Celebrate Everything Event Rentals will take over the other side of the business. Over the last five years I have become known for decorating and large installs such as ceiling draping, custom pieces, and backdrops. This work is fun, but it is also very time consuming and an incredible amount of work, and when I and my team are responsible for over 45 weddings a year, it is a colossal task, additionally, the margin on these jobs is very small, and after a few very difficult situations over the past few years, I just don’t have the same passion for decorating as I did when the company was started. So, a change had to be made to keep from burning out, and to find ways to still provide the most popular services to my clients in a less stressful format. With the extensive decor collection I have from the last 5 years, it just makes sense to offer the items I have as rentals for all types of events. Ceiling draping, backdrops and custom installations are some of the biggest things I have become known for and I am so proud to be a preferred vendor for several MN venues for the style, attention to detail, and service I provide to the clients who book with me, so those services stay a part of the repertoire just under the Celebrate Everything side!

There will be a few other additions to Amber Terese Events over the next year, including a product shop for brides and grooms who need some help planning their big day but don’t have a planner in the budget as well as education and mentoring programs for aspiring wedding planners. Other than that, it’s business as usual and 2019 is shaping up to be an absolutely incredible year with many weddings already on the books at our favorite venues, and with our favorite vendors. I am unendingly grateful for the support and love that I have been shown over the past 5 years. I will never stop striving to make everyone proud, and make sure my clients enjoy every moment of their

With much love and endless gratitude,



PS- abundant thanks to Alice HQ Photography for snapping some gorgeous pics for me!


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  1. Danielle Finley says:

    Beautiful…Just beautiful!
    Good Luck in your new adventures…not that you ever needed it 🙂