Amber Terese events is a minneapolis wedding planning company with an eye for detail, timeless style, and a lively spirit. 

I found my passion for planning weddings after working in the beauty industry and doing hair on location for so many brides. After witnessing several mishaps and finally jumping into action to save a wedding day as the day was falling apart while I was doing the bride's hair, I discovered my natural ability to coordinate events. I have also been a bridesmaid several times (no I will not publish how many in a public's A LOT...almost as many as Katherine Heigl in that one movie...). I loved guiding my friends through their special days, and gained valuable wedding experience in the process. 

I'm Amber

Hi, friend!

I will do just about anything to make people laugh. I have no shame at this point in my life and can often be found making ridiculous faces and noises behind your photographer on your wedding day so that your Flower Girl, Dog of Honor, or Grandpa is looking in that general direction in your portraits. 
I want you to only feel the happiness and love that surrounds you on your very special day. Not a worry or care in the world. 

Love & Laughter

I value...

Let's be honest, often wedding planners are viewed as being over the top and frivolous, and if that's the type of planner you want..I am not ya girl. I am down to earth and have no problem helping my clients keep their feet on the ground (and their budget non-cringeworthy). 

I don't want you to include every one of the top wedding pins on Pinterest, I want your wedding to create the NEW top pins on Pinterest using the details and story that is uniquely YOURS.

Realistic & Heart-felt

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