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I will never forget the first meeting I had at Tandem Bagels in Mankato with Emily and her mother! After chatting for quite a while about what services we offered and all things wedding, we moved on to other random topics and I mentioned something about not being from the Mankato area, and the bride asked where I was from, neither of us had any idea at that point that I actually went to high school with the groom! Although he was a couple years younger than me, I knew him and his sister, and the groom and I were actually in concert choir together! My mom and the groom’s mom worked together for a time even! It was crazy the small world connection that happened that day.

This couple is composed of two of the most genuine and caring people. They love the people that surround them deeply. They take time and care making sure each and every one in their circle knows they are appreciated. Their connection to each other is easy, and watching them say I DO, was a true honor. Their families are wonderful, and several past Meaningful Moments bride’s parents were also in attendance at the wedding, including the first ever clients after I officially established the business, that was really a joy for me, and a testament to the amazing people in this couple’s corner every step of the way.

When trying to figure out the best way to share Emily and Mitch’s very special day, I wanted to make the post PERFECT, it was such an incredible day, and it hit me….why not have Emily tell you what it was like being the bride and having Meaningful Moments around.

So I sent her some questions and here is what she had to say….

Q: Before you got engaged did you know what Day of Coordination was?

A: Before we got engaged, I had heard people talking about having a day of coordinator but never knew any details and had never been in a wedding where there was a coordinator outside of the venue coordinator.

Q: Why did you decide you needed a Day of Coordinator?

A: We got your name from some close family friends and it was my busy season at work, so when I showed up for the meeting I had no idea what to expect. My mom gave me some background of events you’d run in the past and what went wrong/what you controlled since that was my biggest concern. Leaving the meeting, I knew we couldn’t put on our day without you. I have a big personality and needed someone with an equally as big personality and someone who could command a room full of all my family/friends personalities.

Q: How did you feel knowing you had a Day of Coordinator leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day?

A: I truly had no worries. It’s funny, the week leading up to the wedding, I was doing all of my final tasks, but knew that as soon as we got to Friday set up, I would be stress free and I continued to look forward to that moment.

Q: Would you do it again? (hire a wedding coordinator I mean, obviously I know you’d marry Mitch again)

A: Yes, yes, yes a million times over. For multiple reasons, we could not image our day without you. Not only did you control a few situations before they got out of control, you made sure we were in the right place at the right time, weren’t outside in the rain and any problems were quickly solved WITHOUT me knowing about them at all. All of the experiences you’ve had make you a perfect fit in anyone’s big day; from convincing me not to wear Spanx to helping my dad and I do a surprise dance, it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without you. Also, I was recently asked to help set up a wedding that I was a guest at and I would truly NEVER ask that of any family or friends at our wedding.

And now, the usual overshare of images by Jason Worrell Photography from Emily and Mitch’s amazing day….

The sweetest and most heartfelt details, family heirlooms, and something new made by Exclusively Diamonds from something old. I cried. A lot.

First looks with Mom, Dad, and the Bridesmaids.

The amazing florals by Village Floral, when the bride wants the biggest bouquet and finally sees it for the first time, her face says it all. (Perry is the best, I dare you to fight me on that)

The beautiful bridal party! (is this GQ?!)

The CUTEST member of the party…

Beautiful Table Centerpieces by Village Floral

Donut. Wall. Duh.

First Dance FEELS.

The most EPIC father daughter dance ever. I’ve never taken a pom pom handoff so seriously in my LIFE.


XOXO, Amber


Photography: Jason Worrell Photography

Venue: The Capitol Room

Catering: Absolute Catering

Rings and Custom Necklace: Exclusively Diamonds 

Bridal Gown: Che Bella 

Donuts: Dunkin Donuts

Florals: Village Floral – Perry Dauer

Day of Coordination: Amber Terese Weddings & Events

Videography: Pine and Palm Films ( watch Emily and Mitch’s trailer….




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