My 2017 Goals: A Mid-year Check In

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2017 is more than half over. 


I KNOW. Believe me. I KNOOOWWW. It is crazy to me to think that this is true. I have been trying really hard to get better at setting small and achievable goals for myself because, full disclosure. I am not good at attaining the goals I set for myself. I burn out, give up. fear failure, or just full blown freeze up. I set big picture goals instead of small, attainable goals, which is ok, but I don’t often take the time to set smaller goals as road maps for myself, and this leaves me in a big ol’ heaping mess. So I figured it’s time to check in on the goals I set at the beginning of the year, to see how things may have changed, and to try and set out some bread crumbs for myself to try and follow to get to these goals. 


My 2017 Goals: 

1. Attend the Creative at Heart conference. – wellp. I missed out on this one because the darn thing sold out in like 20 minutes and I was in a meeting. Thankfully my girl Kat Schmoyer has already announced that there will be TWO conferences in 2018 and so I am determined to get there. Why is this so important? Because I look at it as a huge milestone, a gift that I want to be able to give myself, and my business. Time away to immerse myself in a conference and Creative at Heart fits the bill. Plus, hello….Kat Schmoyer is my spirit animal. 

2. Continue to foster a sense of teamwork and community within the vendors in my area. – workin’ on it. This is a harder goal, because it’s hard to say what the end looks like. I almost feel like this is more part of a mission statement. But I am going to leave it here on the goals list, just to keep it at the front of my mind. 

3. Collaborate on styled shoots with other talented vendors in the interest of stretching creative muscles and giving everyone a chance to shine. – YAS! So much yaaasss! This has been achieved and will only continue with some shoots planned for later this summer! They are gonna be good ya’ll. Soooo good. 

4. Streamline my workflow and develop systems to help allow me to spend more time with my family. No more 60 hour work weeks! – All I am going to say on this is that that goodness this is only a mid-year check up. Work. In. Progress. Some systems are working, some are crashing and burning…it’s all about balance right? 

5. Get my work published on a blog such as Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Green Wedding Shoes. – I was lucky enough to help a photog in the area bring her vision to life and that vision was gorgeous enough to be featured on Borrowed & Blue , it was seriously so exciting and knowing that it was something that a whole handful of creatives made happen was so inspiring. But the sky is the limit and I am still shooting for the stars (aka Style Me Pretty) 

6. Be more intentional in every aspect of my work, and personal life. Less is more. Taking time for myself is ok. – This is another goal that may not have a specific end point, I am getting better at sticking to office hours…kinda…but I have a long way to go. So this stays on the list too. 

7. READ MORE BOOKS! – Thanks to my break away I was able to read 4 books! Yep, 4! I am trying to keep the habit up as it really relaxes me! I’ve got a decent start on this and another vacation at the end of July so I think the key here is vacations…shoot! 😉 

8. Encourage other small business owners to the best of my ability, give them content within my blog and social media that makes them smile or lifts them up! – this is still so so dear to my heart. I am really digging into this one and making some moves for 2018 that really create a shift towards uplifting, encouraging, and giving others tools to grow their business. For now, I’ll just continue to share my wins and losses so at the very least I can be a lesson in what NOT to do. (cough, cough high def selfies instead of actual headshots, it’s really hard to take selfies with a dslr ya’ll, I don’t recommend it) 

9. Grow the local awareness of what Wedding Day Management can do to help clients ENJOY their wedding day even more. – Miles to go before I rest on this one but climbing towards this goal. 

10. Blog weekly- with the goal of three times per week. Creating content for brides, and business owners. With a dash of sass and humor. – Three times a week is not happening, I’ve been shooting for twice a week, and I’d say I’m doing ok on that! Especially since I went from nothing to at least once a week-ish and only skipping a week every once in a while. I feel like I’m finding my voice and learning what types of content I want to create. 

11. Celebrate everything- wins, loses, success, and failure. Every one of these things means you are learning to push your fear aside and make your life what you’ve always wanted. – still a work in progress. I need to get better at celebrating the little wins…you know, like getting out of bed and putting a bra on more than one or two days a week. What? Working from home has its perks. So maybe not putting on a bra should be what I celebrate? jury is still out.  

So there we are, halfway through 2017. Learning and growning. Trying new things, growing more confident by the day. Finding new communities and molding the future of myself and my company. 

PS- I need to talk to you all about the images in this post, they were shot by the one and only Rachel of  Rachabella Photography on a night that was just what my little entrepreneur heart needed. The very first VERY MERRY HOUR! It was a night that was hosted by Rachel and Sara of Sara Schultz Pretty Little Paper Co. and man that little room was filled with chit chat, rosé, food (hellooo One Cook Catering), and amazing humans who do everything from work a corporate 9-5 with creative daydreams, farm flowers (gorgeous blooms provided by Flower Child Farm), ife and business coaches, photographers, makers, designers, just all around amazing humans. Oh and Lee and Linley from Fit Foodie Finds talked to us all about their journey and I am now glued to their instastories on the daily. Seriously. If they aren’t making something delicious and healthy in the kitchen, their antics will crack you up- so follow them here. Being in the same room as these girl bosses was enough to keep fueling my fire to get through the rest of 2017 and they are having another Very Merry Hour, so stalk Sara or Rachel on social and be sure you get your dang ticket! Kthanks! 

Go get ’em tigers. The world is yours. 

XOXO, Amber 





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