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Back in April I was lucky to spend the day coordinating Amanda and Saxon’s wedding. I was even luckier because they had Joelle Julian as their photographer! It’s funny the way life comes at you sometimes, Joelle and I worked together at Maurices when I first moved to Mankato 9 years ago. Time passed, she moved away, and we both pursued our passions and then here we were working a wedding together! So fun. That picture below….yea…that’s Joelle. She’s a really great lady.

All the photos in this blog post, are directly from her…

I told you she was really great. 

As I’ve been mulling over the things I wanted to say about Amanda and Saxon’s super fun wedding in the blog accompanying the images from the day, I started to realize that maybe it isn’t enough for ME to explain why a Day of Coordinator is so important to a wedding day, maybe it would be interesting to hear about it from a different perspective! 

So without further blabbing from me, I’m going to let Joelle tell you what’s up…

Q. Who the heck are you and what makes you fabulous?!                                                                A. I’m Joelle! A Minnesota native that now lives in sunny San Diego. I’m fabulous because I wear Marvel comic book pajamas to bed 🙂

Q. What is it like working a wedding without a coordinator?                                                              A. The majority of my weddings do not have a wedding coordinator and as a result the photographer ends up taking on a lot of those responsibilities. I am completely comfortable doing this, however, a lot of times it results in missed photo opportunities. Instead of the coordinator rounding up the family for family photos, it’s me doing it. When the bride needs her dress bustled and no one knows how to do it, believe it or not it’s me that does it! I love that I can assist my brides and wear many hats on a wedding day but it really takes me away from doing the one job I am there to do and that’s document your day.

Q. What is the difference for you when you work a wedding that has a day of coordinator?                                                                

A. I am able to focus all my energy into taking photos! You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes! The comfort of knowing there is someone else there that will bend over backwards for my bride is such a relief! I takes a lot of weight off my shoulders and allows me more creative freedom.

Q. What is the one thing you would tell brides who have never considered hiring a day of coordinator?                                                                

A. Girl, you have spent how many months planning this day? You’ve poured your heart into it and the best thing you can do for yourself AND for your family is hire someone for day of coordination. That way YOU and those you love most can focus all their love and energy into the day and enjoy being present!

One thing I see too often is best friends and mothers taking on a lot of the day of coordinating and those are the people that should be enjoying the day WITH you. You wouldn’t believe how many mothers have missed their daughter getting into her dress because she was tied up with something a day of coordinator could do instead.

Q. Do you have any other wisdom to pass on to the soon to be married ladies?                                                                                                     

A. I’m SO passionate about putting your marriage first and your wedding second. What on earth does that mean? Happy you asked! On your wedding day, as long as you have your groom and someone to marry you, that’s all you need. EVERYTHING else is just icing on the cake. The goal of your wedding day is not beautiful flowers or Pinterest details, the goal is to become husband and wife. If you keep that on the forefront of your mind during your planning process, everything becomes a little bit easier. Remember the WHY behind your wedding and focus on your marriage, that’s the real meaning of weddings.

The line that struck me most from all the important things Joelle had to say was “You wouldn’t believe how many mothers have missed their daughter getting into her dress because she was tied up with something a day of coordinator could do instead.” 

There it is, Friends. Doesn’t that hit you like a ton of bricks. Not just what is missed, but simply that it is MISSED. 

THAT is the exact reason I do what I do. To do everything I possibly can so that mothers and fathers don’t miss MOMENTS with their children.

Amanda and Saxon’s day was filled with laughter (a whole lot of laughter), a few happy tears, lots of dancing (seriously I am not sure the bride nor the best man ever left the dance floor). I was so happy to be there to keep everything under control. 

Take a look at more of the MOMENTS from Amanda and Saxon’s big day below:

Venue: Country Inn and Suites Mankato

Photographer: Joey Photo

Day of Coordination: Meaningful Moments Event Planning & Coordination

Floral: Mountain Lake Floral


XOXO, Amber 

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  1. Annie says:

    Absolutely love this perspective!

  2. Johanna says:

    Beautiful! I love this perspective. And being a wedding photographer I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have a great coordinator on place!
    Also – hi from a fellow, former, Minnesotan than now lives in San Diego <3

  3. Ashley Cook says:

    What amazing photos!! I totally agree with you that if there isn’t a wedding coordinator the photographer is basically the coordinator and photographer. If you have a great coordinator it will make your job as a photographer so much easier.

  4. I love love love this! "Marriage first and the wedding second" – snagging that quote!