5 Tips for the Week of Your Wedding

For Brides

Your wedding week is here! You’re probably feeling a whole lot of butterflies as you get ready to say I DO! There’s no doubt a flurry of activity and that is to be expected! There’s beauty appointments, relatives coming in from out of town, and bridesmaids wondering what they should do with their hair…it’s EXCITING. As your wedding day approaches, the are so many sweet moments, and poignant times that you should be fully present for. Your last night at home in your childhood bedroom before marrying your sweetheart, the last chats with your mom over coffee, the last words of wisdom from your dad over a beer, giggles with your girlfriends…those are the moments you should be enjoying. With that said, here are some tips for keeping your stress level low and your enjoyment high the week and days leading up to your wedding. 

1) Finish all DIY or labor intensive projects at least 10 days prior to your wedding. Trust me when I tell you…these DIY projects will always take you longer than you think! It is better to get them done early, so that you are able to relax or deal with other issues that may come up as your wedding draws near. 

2) One week prior to your wedding hand off all communication to your planner or day-of coordinator. Wedding week is HERE! So it’s time for your day-of coordinator or planner to really step up to the plate. This is where I am really able to shine for you if you’ve hired me as your coordinator or planner. This is when I personally reach out to all of the vendors involved in the wedding to confirm all the details and make sure that they know that they can contact me with any questions INSTEAD of the bride. 

3) Take personal time at work. I know not everyone has a great job with tons of vacation and personal time, but if ever there were a time to use it, now is that time. I recommend that you take off at least 3 days prior to the wedding. This gives you plenty of time to calm your nerves and settle in to the flow of the days leading up to your wedding…and plenty more time to sip champagne…obvi. 

4) Schedule a date night with the hubby-to-be. Trust me on this. You will want some time to reflect on this exciting time in your lives. This will give you a chance to really bring it back home to what all the crazy that wedding planning can bring has been about.You’ll feel that spark all over again as you sit across from the man you love one last times as Miss before he makes you his Mrs. 

5) Make mani/pedi and massage appointments 2 days prior. Most often we see brides squeezing this in the day before their wedding. I’ve even had brides show up late to their rehearsal because the appointments ran late. Stop it girls! Give yourself a breather and take a spa day the day before the day of your rehearsal. Relax and allow your self to have a calm rehearsal day spending time with your family and friends. It’s just as memorable as the wedding day. 

The moments go fast. Enjoy them to the fullest. 


XOXO, Amber 

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