3 Ways to Utilize Pinterest When Planning Your Wedding

For Brides

1) Be efficient- edit your pins. Just about every girl I know has a wedding board on Pinterest, these suckers can become a giant black hole of DIY wedding ideas. Thats ok for a little while, but once it is time to get down to the nitty gritty, you need to go back to that black hole board and delete the pins that no longer fit what you have and need for your big day. This will help ensure it is not a Pinterest fest at your wedding, you want your wedding to be YOURS, not everyone else’s. Inspiration is great, and DIY tips are great too…but put your own spin on them. Originality is what will wow your guests! Also, be sure you do not overwhelm yourself with DIY projects, it may look cheap and easy on Pinterest, but sometimes DIY is not the answer! 

2) Create a wedding MOOD BOARD. A mood board is different than just a regular old Pinterest board, it is made to evoke a feeling…a mood. The way I create mood boards is by associating a feeling I want to feel for the event, along with elements, colors, sometimes even sounds. I then search out images that match the emotion, style, location, or color that I am wanting the event to emulate. This creates a much more specific type of Pinterest board, one that evokes a feeling rather than just being jam packed with 500 DIY wedding ideas or pretty dresses. This is so much more helpful as you are planning so that you can have it as a referral. Does the venue you just looked at give you the same feelings as your mood board? Or should you look at something different. Is this the right dress for the bridesmaids? Or would something in a flowing style fit the mood better. That’s why a mood board is awesome. Not sure what a mood board should look or feel like? I created a couple for you to take a look at! Each one has a different feel! 

Vintage Summer Picnic: https://www.pinterest.com/meaningfulmomen/wedding-mood-board-vintage-summer-picnic/

Modern Geometric Romance: https://www.pinterest.com/meaningfulmomen/wedding-mood-board-modern-geometric-romance/

3) Create Shared Boards. Create a board of calligraphy styles you like to show your calligrapher, or cakes you like to show your baker. Pinterest is a great way to share your likes and dislikes with your vendors. I can’t tell you how many times a bride sits down in my studio and whips out a Pinterest board and we immediately get on the same page about the look she is wanting for her wedding. Creating a shared board for the bridesmaids to pin fashion and hair and makeup ideas is a great way to be sure every one is on the same page and will love the looks you pick for your ladies on your big day. This is an easy way for you as the bride to see what your girls are into and would feel comfortable in. And who doesn’t love looking for the latest hair styles or makeup trends?! Also, 

When it doubt put Pinterest away and just live your life, you’ll find all the inspiration you need and you won’t get overwhelmed by all those pins! Remember…you do you, boo boo! 


XOXO, Amber

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