Venue Coordinator is not the same as Wedding Coordinator

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“My venue includes a coordinator, so I don’t need a wedding planner or day of coordinator since I am already paying for one.”

I hear it ALL the time. I get it. It SOUNDS like it should be true. 

But it isn’t. 

Venue coordinators are AWESOME at managing all things venue related- banquet staff, room layouts, timeline for dinner service, table and chair set up, making sure your menu is perfect, beverages are available, etc. All of these things are extremely important to your day, because isn’t sharing a meal with your guests one of the best parts of the day? I kind of think so, it is a tradition, it is meaningful, and I still think it’s really special. 


That venue coordinator is there for the venue. Not for you.

They will be looking out for the best interest of the venue, no matter how incredible they are (we have some amazing venue coordinators in this area, we’re blessed, and don’t worry, this post is not a burn, newsflash, I’m well acquainted with all of the venue coordinators in the area- we get along extremely well) they will always have the venue at the forefront of their minds because that is their JOB. 

It is not their job to watch your timeline for specific events, bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc. It is not their job to make sure the florist placed the centerpieces to your specifications, or that the DJ showed up on time and knows what to do, or that the cake was actually delivered and is correct. It is not their job to answer thousands of questions from vendors, guests, wedding party members etc.  

Guess what, your venue coordinator will likely leave after dinner is served. Because they have done their job

A wedding coordinator on the other hand is with you the entire day. THERE FOR YOU. All. Day. 

When I am your wedding coordinator (i.e. you’ve decided to hire me by selecting my wedding day management package), typically my day starts anywhere from 6-8 a.m and ends around 1-3 a.m. 

Yes. That is anywhere from 17-21 hours. Yes. I realize that is insane. But I love it, and I’m really good at it. 

Here’s the deal. 

Your venue coordinator will not make sure your ceremony starts and ends on time, or that the ushers know what they are doing. They will not fix your bustle, or the bridesmaids dress that ripped, or sew the button back on the groom’s tux (saving you $$$), they will not line everyone up to walk down the aisle, or make sure everyone is ready for pictures. They will not be sure your mother has a tissue in her hand for the ceremony and a drink in her hand at the reception. The venue coordinator will not deliver a beer to the groom when his runs out during speeches. They will not pack up your decor at the end of the night so that you can go to the after party, or to bed. That’s all on you, or your mom, or your guests. Unless you hire me. 

So there it is, in black and white.

No, your venue doesn’t come with a wedding coordinator


XOXO, Amber 

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