Friday Fave: Rebekah Scott Designs


Happy Friday, Friends!!! While I am watching the snow continue to fall out my window after enjoying the 60 DEGREE WEATHER earlier this week. I thought I would take a moment to fill you in on one of my favorite products. The amazing bags from Rebekah Scott Designs! First of all because I love sharing products I love with people I love, and secondly because I love supporting other boss ladies! You all have probably seen me pulling tricks out of my Raspberry Salsa print Phoebe on wedding days (seriously…you should see the things I keep in there) so I figured it was about time to tell you a little more about the bags that get me through living my life as a wedding planner. 

My girlfriend Hannah introduced me to Rebekah Scott Designs a few years ago. We’ve met Rebekah several times as we are craft show fans and go to a huge one in Shakopee twice a year, and RSD is a vendor there! Let me tell you, I can learn to like a good product, but to meet the humans behind the products, and then those humans are sweet and humble and hardworking…that turns like into TRUE LOVE people! These bags are all handmade in South Dakota by Rebekah and her team (including her momma)! I am convinced that every boss lady needs one of these bags. 

These bags. I tell you what. I have never loved a purse as much as I love these purses. They have pockets sewn inside for keeping everything organized, and one little detail I also love is that each bag has a fun accent fabric for the interior- each one is different and unique! It’s the little things. Seriously…LOOK AT ALL THE POCKETS! The gray ikat shown is my JILL bag…it’s a cross body and is my everyday/vacation bag! I have had this thing for probably 3 years, and it’s been all over the US and to Jamaica! YA MON! 

My current fave bag is my Phoebe, this is the workhorse on wedding days! The Phoebe is a duo crossbody and shoulder bag which is perfect for me! I stash sooo much in this bag. It has three huge pockets on the front of it (the middle one exclusively holds my IPhone 6S Plus- so that’s how big the pockets on the front are if that is any indication). I mean look at how much stuff the Phoebe can hold! HELLO! MacBook, Day Designer, current read, wallet, cosmetic bag, keys, cash, gift cards, IPhone, Mophie, Champagne Cork (for good luck?), pens, an lipgloss *note: gum wrappers and receipts omitted from photos to keep the aesthetic- but it holds a lot of those too…..

AND….are you ready for the best part…


Yep. That’s right! MACHINE WASHABLE! Turn your purse inside out, toss it in a pillow case, tie the pillow case shut with a hair tie, wash on cold, and air dry. BAM! Now, obviously you probs shouldn’t do this once a week because that would be hard on anything, but a couple times a year….AH-MAZING. 

So there ya have it folks, a little Friday Fave report! If you would like to check out these awesome bags for yourself (there are WAY MORE styles and prints than just what I own, which are the bags pictured) click HERE


XOXO, Amber

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