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MMMMMK…so over the last year or so I have become a HUGE fan of Podcasts! I love to listen to Podcasts while I am driving, or getting ready in the morning. Sometimes I find that when my anxiety is really bad listening to just music can actually make it worse, it’s almost too much stimulation for my brain. So I have been turning to Podcasts more frequently! Although I could never completely breakup with Spotify, the two work in tandem to make my work or travel days pleasant. I love a variety of Podcasts but there are a few that I find particular go-to’s so I thought I would share some of my faves with you all! I have even made it super easy and if you click on the title of each Podcast you will be taken right to the podcast’s page and you’ll be able to listen or subscribe. 

For Creatives and Boss Ladies: 


Goal Digger: Jenna Kutcher first blasted onto my radar during the very first Rising Tide Society summit webinar a little over a year ago when girlfriend popped up on screen with her glass of wine, messy bun, and proclaimed her love for mac and cheese…and holy cow. What a powerhouse. This girl is a motivated go-getter who is unapologetically HERSELF. Which is soooo refreshing. She’s honest. She gives amazing insight and advice and I just really find her Podcast enjoyable. She hands over bomb content and has awesome guests and she’s a WI girl so ya know that warms my little MN/Midwestern heart. 

Being Boss: I have been listening to this Podcast for quite a while, in fact now that I think about it, it may be the very first Podcast I ever listened too! Which explains why I cannot remember when I first hit that subscribe button. Anywho…the name of it PRETTY MUCH sums it up. You will have nuggets of golden knowledge flying at you like it’s the California Gold Rush people! Emily and Kathleen are HILARIOUS! Emily’s LAUGH alone makes this one a MUST LISTEN! Seriously, when you hear it, you will understand. It makes my day. The sheer BROADNESS of the topics they cover is what makes this Podcast an absolute MUST for every human who has boss aspirations. 

Bosses and Booze: This girl. I tell you what. There are roughly 5 people that I believe are my spirit animal on this earth including but not limited to: Anna Kendrick, Miranda Lambert, Ariel from The Little Mermaid (I know fictional character but I’m still going to count it), Kat Schmoyer, annnnd Meghan Maydel who is the host of this podcast. I really love that she mixes business with everyone’s favorite co-worker….alcohol. If you know me, you know that I believe that wine cures all and you probably work REALLY HARD and should be allowed to let your hair down with a good stiff drink every once in a while. So I love that she embraces that and has meaningful, but still super freakin’ fun content on her podcast. And girl isn’t afraid of a cuss word, which, if you know me….wellp. The only thing that upsets me is that I didn’t come up with this Podcast first.  

For the rest of ya’ll: 

Here to Make Friends- A Bachelor Recap Show: Ok obviously ya’ll should know I am a proud member of #bachelornation and this recap makes my little Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise Heart SO HAPPY! My girl Tarah of Tarah Elise Photography brought this little baby into my awareness and whoa mama! This is one of my faves to listen to while driving, while frequently shouting YAASSSS! 

Lady Lovin’: As many of you know I was a huge fan of the show Laguna Beach (and naturally The Hills and The City) back in the day and although I have a deep respect for Lauren Conrad who is a badass boss lady in her own right, but my fave has always been Lo (Lauren Bosworth) who just happens to be a member of the dynamic trio leading this Podcast. Jilly, Greta, and Lo keep things interesting with a wide variety of guests, and conversation that is honest, like REALLY honest covering topics that are important for young women to hear! They are PASSIONATE but don’t tell you you’re wrong if your opinions are different. They reflect on what others say, and I really like that. Features on the show include female entrepreneurs, comics, and women’s health experts…hello variety and useful knowledge! I love that these three ladies are all vastly different but are still friends and still let us all in on the girl talk once a week! 

So there ya have it friends! A small sampling of the podcasts I enjoy and think are noteworthy! Check them out and then drop me a note on some of the podcasts you have discovered! 


XOXO, Amber

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