4 Things a Wedding Planner Actually Does.

For Brides

Many people think they know exactly what a wedding planner does.

A wedding planner just charges a bunch of money to do things you can do yourself…right? 


see below….


Here are 4 things a wedding planner (like me) ACTUALLY does…

1) A WEDDING PLANNER WILL HELP YOU STICK TO YOUR BUDGET– it is not my job to just find the biggest and the best ideas that make for extravagant, magazine worthy weddings. I do not have a specific list of exclusive high priced vendors. It is MY JOB to choose the vendors that are the best fit for your wedding. My goal is to help achieve YOUR dream wedding within YOUR budget. Because I work with so many different vendors, I know the best ones for making your vision happen. I also have a LOT of experience and can help you save money. Like no joke…a lot of money.   


2) A WEDDING PLANNER WANTS TO HELP YOU PLAN YOUR WEDDING AND MAKE YOUR VISION COME TO LIFE – As a wedding planner, my goal is NOT to come in and steamroll everyone else in the process of making your day happen. If your mom or future MIL wants to be involved, COME ON OVER! I do not have any problems at all fielding input from other humans. Will I always defer to your wishes over mom’s, yes, because it’s your wedding and you are likely the one who signed the contract. But I do take everyone’s concerns and wishes seriously. My job is not to force MY ideas onto you. I don’t even WANT to do that. I want to help you make YOUR vision real. Hiring a planner is a huge step towards making your wedding dreams come to life.


3) WEDDING PLANNERS HAVE INSIDE KNOWLEDGE – This is one of those things that you’ve probably never thought about..when you hire a planner…you gain a member of your bride tribe that has insider knowledge on planning these very special days and all that goes with them. Experience and knowledge in contracts, venues, vendors, how to save money, how to handle issues that arise (AND THEY WILL ARISE), guest lists, seating charts, dealing with family drama, etc. Even if your aunt and mom are more than happy to help you plan everything, there is more to it than sparkles and exciting things. Like contracts, budgets, logistics, things you don’t realize until it’s too late. Having a planner who has done all of these things leaves the excitement for you and your family and the not so exciting stuff for your planner.

**HINT**This is invaluable to you, your family, and your sanity.  


4) OTHER VENDORS WILL LOVE YOU FOR HIRING A PLANNER! You probably have no idea that hiring a planner will make your other vendors LOVE you (just in case they only really, really, liked you before). Hiring a planner/coordinator elevates your entire wedding experience, including the experience of your vendors. A lot of brides don’t realize what things fall under the scope of the photographer’s job, the florist’s job, the venue coordinator’s job, etc…so a lot of times, many of the things that these humans should not be doing either wait until the last minute or don’t get done or create a fair amount of chaos in the process and takes these humans away from doing what they ARE there to do. Photographers shouldn’t be pinning boutonnieres, or finding lost family members for the next family portrait on the list. Your florist shouldn’t be trying to track down a venue coordinator if the tables in the reception space don’t have linens on them yet, or figuring out what time she needs to come back to pick up her containers. Your venue coordinator should not be giving the bakery set up instructions or the DJ a list of what’s happening when. Your wedding planner will be there to answer questions for both sides and the vendors along the way AND most importantly on the wedding day! Your planner is there to handle timelines and knows all of the ins and outs of a wedding day to help make sure the timeline is well thought out and allows enough time for each event to happen so that no one is rushed, because it isn’t always as easy as it seems. Having a wedding planner allows your vendors to come in and focus on their JOB on your wedding day, which allows them to do their absolute best work


So there you go. A healthy dose of The Bachelor/Bachelorette alum gifs and some truths. Want to know more? Want to get the down and dirty details about how I can make your wedding even more amazing? Let’s get coffee (or cheese pasta)! 


XOXO, Amber

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