Goals for 2017


I know, I know. January is almost over and I am JUST now getting around to really digging in and digging deep to set my goals for this year. Well, let me tell you, better late than never. I really believe that it isn’t about WHEN you start, but rather that you ACTUALLY GET STARTED. So there’s that. Let’s just pretend it’s NYE and pop some bubbly for good measure….CHEERS! 

2016 was such a rollercoaster than I have found myself really wanting more structure in my workday and more time to do intentional things that relax me and bring me joy. The bulk of last year I was still working full time and running a business, and when I was able to quit my full time job, I was running straight into the busiest wedding season yet. Both AWESOME things, but whew! I need a breather! This is me giving you, yep YOU permission to STOP what you are doing for just 10 minutes and make your list. I am not the type to sit and outline how I am going to meet these goals, I know myself well enough to know that that would be the undoing- because my FEAR and anxiety would take over. So I make a fast, and extremely specific list. If you’re like me, you ALREADY know what you want your goals to be, but you also know that in order to feel like you are prepared to set them in motion, you need to WRITE THEM (or type, or speak, or draw) down. 

My 2017 Goals: 

1. Attend the Creative at Heart conference. 

2. Continue to foster a sense of teamwork and community within the vendors in my area. 

3. Collaborate on styled shoots with other talented vendors in the interest of stretching creative muscles and giving everyone a chance to shine. 

4. Streamline my workflow and develop systems to help allow me to spend more time with my family. No more 60 hour work weeks! 

5. Get my work published on a blog such as Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Green Wedding Shoes.

6. Be more intentional in every aspect of my work, and personal life. Less is more. Taking time for myself is ok. 


8. Encourage other small business owners to the best of my ability, give them content within my blog and social media that makes them smile or lifts them up!

9. Grow the local awareness of what Wedding Day Management can do to help clients ENJOY their wedding day even more. 

10. Blog weekly- with the goal of three times per week. Creating content for brides, and business owners. With a dash of sass and humor. 

11. Celebrate everything- wins, loses, success, and failure. Every one of these things means you are learning to push your fear aside and make your life what you’ve always wanted. 

See! Quick, easy, painless! Now I’ve laid out, in literally 10 minutes, a complete list of all the things I want to do this year. Remember in school when they would have you do a brain dump in writing classes! I think of creating my goals list in just that way. Focus and GO! That way you won’t over analyze or over think it- because I am the actual WORST at that- or maybe I should say the actual BEST, since I’m basically an overthinking pro! 

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Make your list, brew your coffee, pop the champagne, flip your hair, bat your lashes and get out there! YOU HAVE GOT THIS! I BELIEVE IN YOU! 

XOXO- Amber

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